Pros And Cons Of Age-Based Health Care Rationing

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There are thousands of people in the world who oppose the idea of age based healthcare rationing. Some believe that if we ration healthcare based on age, that it would take away rights and justices from the elderly population ( Like mentioned in the article by Claire Andrea and Manuel Velasquez, “Aged-Based Health Care Rationing”, when people refer to the justice part, they believe that everyone should be treated similarly unless there are rules or morals presented that require them to be treated differently. Yes, everyone should be treated equally, but healthcare rationing is not going to treat people differently, only the medical resources would be rationed. Andrea and Velasquez make a good point in the article, they say by rationing medical resources it would increase the economic productivity of the young, making it more beneficial for the whole world. More and more people are starting to get older everyday, and there are less young individuals compared to the older ones. Due to this fact, many people believe that healthcare can not be rationed based on a person age. They believe that you can not determine a …show more content…

The basic right principle goes along the same lines as everyone being treated equally and that rationing it would prevent people from living out their normal life span. However, like Callahan, Andrea, Velasquez, and Smith mention in their different articles, by the age of 70 or 80, most people have lived out their normal life span and has had the chance to accomplish different life goals and possibilities. Therefore, by rationing the healthcare and providing more for the younger age individuals it gives them the chance to live to that same exact age and accomplish their own life goals, and eventually this leads to everyone being treated equally and

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