Pros And Cons Of Effective Class Management

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There are different strategies that can be used by the teachers for effective class management among which the most significant is clearly setting out the format of lessons. This is done with the help of setting objectives and aims, giving regular positive feedback, reviewing the learning outcomes and giving an in depth summary and final exercise to the students. While on the other hand, the teacher can also make use of rubrics for understanding the abilities of students. The teachers can also make use of self-reflection as the strategy for class management because it helps the students in analysing their own learning and development abilities. With the help of this strategy, the teacher would be able to determine the pros and cons of each…show more content…
These include emotional, mental, and behavioural difficulties. It is observed that the information is not presented to the teacher making it important to view the issues with open mind. Although the teacher cannot immediately find solutions to the problem but the teacher must be capable enough to become aware of the situation and must have knowledge of the techniques that can be used for facilitating students. The students that are passive are characterised through failure or fearing relationships due to which it becomes important for them to avoid criticism, developing the environment of the class that is in close knit and rewarding success. These are the common needs of students that must be considered in effective class management because it helps in learning more easily and conveniently. It is important for the teacher to make sure that these needs of the students are fulfilled because it leads towards effective class management, as students feel comfortable. In addition to this, there are some other issues as well that must be considered which includes perfectionists, attention problems, socially withdrawn, and others. Hence, teachers have to make use of effective techniques in order to make sure that these problems are avoided and effective class management is ensured (Nation, 2008; Berzin,…show more content…
Reading is considered as the important activity and is selected because it would help the students in improving their reading and English skills. It would also help the teacher in analysing the areas where students are facing problem particularly in the use of English as Foreign Language. For conducting this activity, books and handouts on different topics would be required. Moreover, after this activity, the assessment of the reading skills of the students would be done by providing students with the tough readings and by assigning them time for reading those. The second theme that would take place in the second week of course is class debate. This theme is selected after reading because it would help the students in debating on the reading topic in the English Language (Taye, 1999). This would further improve their English skills as well as confidence level. The students would also gain knowledge of different grammar points and vocabulary such as tenses, parts of speech, and use of words and phrases, which makes meaning. The third theme that would take place in the third week of course is role plays, which is considered as the most effective theme. This theme is selected just after class debates because through reading and debates much of the English skills would be improved. Moreover, through role play activity, the students would gain the opportunity to focus on their portraying and speaking skills

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