Pros And Cons Of Semi-Automatic Firearms Should Not Be Banned

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Semi Automatic Firearms Should Not Be Banned

In 1936, John Garand invented a new concept of rifles called the M1 Garand. This rifle featured an eight round en bloc clip with semi automatic capabilities. When it was adopted and produced by the U.S. Military, General George S. Patton called it “the greatest battle implement ever devised”. But now the capabilities of semi automatic have been over exaggerated and misunderstood. Some politicians like Kevin De Leon saying “...30 bullets in half a second” when the maximum effective rate of fire from a standard semi auto AR-15 is about 80-100 rounds per minute or about 1.5 rounds per second. Semi automatic firearms can be used in hunting and self defense, as well as, bad people do not need these guns to cause an extreme amount of harm. Therefore, I am against the gun control of semi automatic firearms.
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“Explosives were used in 49% of all attacks, followed by arson (36%), firearms (9.2%), and vehicles that plowed into crowds of people (5.4%). And additional 3.1% of attacks were labeled ‘miscellaneous’ (single attacks can include multiple weapons, resulting in a total over 100%).” (Netburn) The common misunderstanding is that by decreasing the number of these firearms, the number of terrorist attacks will decrease significantly. But according to this statistic that is simply not true. According to the same article there were “2,817 terrorist attacks” (Netburn), if these guns were banned at the time, there would only be 25 less attacks in the 14 years that the study was

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