Pros And Disadvantages Of Cosmetology

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Cosmetology has a lot of downfalls to being successful. Having to complete 1,250 hours then testing for state boards. If state boards are passed, I’ll be a certified hairdresser. Planning on furthering education becomes stressful for example time managing and tons of expenses. I never thought I would have made it as far as I did at Clarion County Career Center. My biggest fear was not doing good causing my grade to drop, resulting in staying at Keystone high school regularly. Career choosing is most definitely difficult for myself because you do not know what’s going to happen three years down the road. Being able to work with clients is great, knowing I get to help someone feel good about themselves. A struggle for me is going to be making every client that sits in my chair pleased with their hair or service. Disadvantages for a hairdresser are there’s strict state laws made to follow, have to have a good personal image/hygiene. Be sure not to cause or be brought into the drama, that will most definitely put a bad image in your shop not only that but myself. Though the education can be expensive, a career in cosmetology suits me because of the nature of the work, the benefits and the job availability. Education costs a good amount of money to become a cosmetologist. It can take up to four years or more depends on your field of study. I would like to further my education but don’t have enough confidence in myself to handle college. I don’t think I would even have

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