Psychodynamic Theory Essay

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Phsycodynamic theory Freud formulated a theory that children growing up through a series of psychosexual stages. In the end or genital stage, sexual impulses are directed to the opposite sex. Homosexual persons are victims of "arrested development" disruption caused by traumatic experiences. Homosexuality would originate in an Oedipus complex unresolved: the subject remains in love with the parent of the opposite sex and so, later, could not hold heterosexual intercourse. For Freud homosexuals ("invested", as he put it) are deflected regarding sexual "object" because not necessarily looking for the opposite sex but her own sex (Freud, 1973, 1172 ff.). Bieber et al (1962, 10 ff.) To study more than 100 homosexuals who were in psychoanalytic…show more content…
Some researchers believe that homosexuality is learned; learning theory makes no assumptions about what is normal and therefore is a convenient way to explain any sexual conduct. Masters and Johnson (1979) state that if the person is not satisfied with his homosexuality, can learn the attraction to the opposite gender. However, most explanations of homosexuality as a product of environmental forces is based on psychoanalytic theory. While there is little evidence of many of these theories are "very convincing" to "understand the choice of homosexual object ..." (Hoffman, 1977). Says that without convincing because they are concrete and understandable, and leave us a sense of security that is not produced by other types of explanations. Psychoanalytic theory certainly addresses the issue of normality. While Freud in his early work suggested that all born with the potential to heterosexuality or homosexuality, stating that abnormal resolution of the Oedipus complex led to homosexuality. In this theoretical framework, according to gender identity and choice of love object, tend to merge. However it has been shown that most homosexuals show a healthy and strong sense of gender identity as surely as firm as most heterosexual. The variant is the choice of love object happens in the
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