Reflection Paper: Insight Into Diplomacy

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Insight into Diplomacy The word diplomat usually conjures up images of one of two scenarios: lavish parties with world leaders in exotic locations, or the monotonous stamping of passports in a crowded office. While these are both very possible, they are not mutually exclusive and they do not represent the daily life of a Foreign Service worker. On the United States Discover Diplomacy website, the functions of a diplomat are explained. The website describes the goal of diplomacy as serving for the benefit of the United States (What Are the Roles). The website states that a foreign consul’s mission is “to represent the interests and policies of the United States. Beyond that, diplomats’ roles and responsibilities are immensely varied” (What…show more content…
I regularly found myself to be the mediator between all of the playground drama. When my friends fought with each other, I was always the one trying to rekindle their friendship with compromise and kind words. I was also a quite canny about the way I did this; I made sure that I was always one everybody’s good side. To this day, I still find myself the peacemaker between conflicts. My enthusiasm for negotiation grew more intellectual as I aged.
In early 2016, I signed up for an online seminar series concerning the global refugee crisis. The class discussed the causes, effects, and possible solutions to the problem. Throughout the class I became more aware of the real life work of a diplomat and how they have to think. It was very inspiring to listen and participate in and it taught me a lot about how issues are addressed and settled in the international community. I was so intrigued by the discussions we had in class that I began to think about a degree in International
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The abilities of a diplomat or one studying transcontinental relations are broad, though each is pertinent. Of all the qualities necessary, most can fall into one of three categories: impeccable communication, a strong sense of self, and unshakable courage. Many of the people that know me best, and many that do not, would concur that I possess these traits. On the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University's website the optimal characteristics of an outstanding diplomat are listed. The first and most important featured aspect was an enduring enthusiasm for diplomacy and international relations (Blackwill). “Robert D. Blackwill is a member of the Board of Directors and International Council of Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. He also is Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy with the Council on Foreign Relations.” (Blackwill). Blackwill stresses that a successful diplomat will “possess an abiding interest in and passion for the art and craft of diplomacy and international relations.” He provides the advice that “[i]f this subject matter does not feed you, if you do not have a compelling instinct to learn about the world, pursue a different profession” (Blackwill). Blackwill’s statement provides evidence that passion can be the greatest strength in this field.
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