Reflective Essay On Coaching

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Description Reflection is a necessary component in learning to regulate opinion, feelings, and actions. Reflection links experience and knowledge by providing an opportunity to explore areas of concern in a critical way and to make adjustments based on these reflections (Knowles Z., Tyler G., 2006). I will be using the Gibbs G (1988) Learning by Doing: A guide to teaching and learning methods (Davies S., 2012). For this assignment, we were asked to conduct coaching sessions in groups of three with our colleagues for two months and draft a reflective essay on our experience. I hope this reflective essay will help me understand the in-depth concepts of coaching while helping me interact and respond better to people in different situations. Reflecting on this process will also help evolve my emotional intelligence. Amra is a…show more content…
They may not have the knowledge or support to produce innovative solutions. I have inferred that my job as a coach is to: prompt clients to think, communicate and act in ways that guide to better results. As Whitmore (2009) states “coaching is unleashing people 's potential to boost their own performance.” This reason gives me a comprehensible path concerning which values, opinions, and attitudes are suitable and which are not. Action plan Some further training on being a coach is required before proceeding to more sessions as I don’t think this can be done accurately as a formal approach without it. As the sessions get individuals questioning themselves which if done erroneously could cause agony to the coachee. I feel that I need focus more on my emotional intelligence and analytic skills. Make efforts to keep myself updated with what is happening in the coaching field as I do see potential in this career. However, as I experienced these sessions I realized in order to be a successful coach one must detach themselves from
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