Chocolate: The Influence Of Chocolate

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Chocolate is one of the most popular food and flavour in the world especially among children. It is always considered as comfort food which people consume during depressive mood. It is also popular as gifts during celebrations. Chocolate has always been a choice of food type because of its sweet taste and smooth texture though it may appear in the form of savoury dishes.
In order to achieve the perfect texture and taste, a lot of process has been done and the whole process on producing chocolate has been evolved through the time. Before the invention of chocolate bar, people has always enjoys chocolate in the form of drinks since the era of the Mayan. Now, we can found variety of chocolate types such as unsweetened, semi-sweetened,
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They are tuning fork and chain forms. The crystallization is formed in polymorphism, which means the fats exist in multiple forms in the same compound. The main reason why fat is able to provide mouth feel because it acts as lubricant in the mouth. Fat provides mouth feel sensation; creaminess and smoothness in mouth. These properties are very important to the production of fat substitutes or fat mimics, which are low in calorie but retains the same functional properties with the original fat. In the same time, it provides satiety to the consumer and cannot be digested by the human…show more content…
Let say we want to substitute the cocoa butter with other ingredient, product that will use must similar to their physical, chemical and functional properties to those of cocoa butter. This is to ensure that they will not form eutectic mixture and reduce the melting point of the product. Other crucial things that need to be highlighted here is that, reducing fat content can increase the molten chocolate viscosity, leading to losses of eating quality in the final product and it will process difficultly, poor in-mouth melting properties, remain hard and difficulties to swallow. Thus, in many ways, it will affect the quality of the

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