SWOT Analysis Of Leshop

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In this section, all components of the SWOT analysis will be analyzed. For each of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, arguments will be given and discussed
1.1 Strengths
The strengths elements of a company are the internal attributes and resources that support a successful outcome.
1.1.1 Leading position on the market
LeShop was the second online groceries store to be profitable in 2006 after Tesco.com (LeShop, 2006). Since then, turnover has not ceased to increase (see Figure 2), establishing LeShop as the leader in Switzerland. LeShop has more than 60% market share in the online groceries store segment (LeShop, n.d.).

Figure 2. Annual turnover of LeShop.ch (LeShop, 2016)

A strength of LeShop is to be a subsidiary
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According to LeShop (LeShop, 2016), these savings represent an equivalent of 5.1 trees absorbing the same amount of CO2, more than 390 washing machine cycles , 9 hours and 25 minutes of time saved and almost 30 Swiss Francs in the transport. Moreover, on the customer’s account page, LeShop presents an ecological footprint report.
LeShop is also involved in recycling. The cooling bags and frozen water filled bottles, used for the delivery of the vegetables, are taken back and used again at the next delivery. The isothermal boxes for frozen food are also carefully cleaned and used again. A deposit of 5 Francs, respectively 30 Francs for the bags and boxes is debited with each order, and credited back when the elements are picked up. Overall impact
For 893,064 orders cumulated on 12 months placed by customers, traditional way of buying (use of the car to go to the supermarket) emits 3,385,000.6 kg of CO2 whereas ordering on LeShop emits 1,989,759.4 kg of CO2, thus allowing savings of more than 1 ton of CO2. In terms of energy, ordering on LeShop uses 15,098,859.8 kWh, which is by 13,424,052 kWh inferior to traditional way of buying. This quantity of energy could cover the needs in lighting of 42,980 persons for 1

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