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7 ways to save money when traveling to Dubai

Dubai is by far among the most happening places in the world at the moment. After receiving the responsibility of being host to the 2020 World Expo, all eyes have certainly turned to Dubai as the next big destination for that big vacation. There’s no doubt about the wonders Dubai presents as a tourist destination for many. After all, most of its income is generated from tourism which is a commonly known fact. What many don’t get initially, at least up until after the first trip is that Dubai is an incredibly expensive place not just to live in, but also to travel to for a vacation.
That’s right. The place is hot in terms of weather but it also burns a hole through your pocket if you’re not careful
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Most of which the expenses are sky high like the Burj Khalifa. Try to avoid eating at such fancy restaurants since they pull away quite heavily on your budget. Visit more local cafeterias. They are much cheaper and also offer you the more local & authentic Arabian food which incorporates a lot of the local culture and ambience. This is definitely a point to be considered when traveling for a vacation. For those traveling on a business trip, it’s advisable to pick a 5-star restaurant because well, it’s mostly always on the company tab. So no harm there. Image:

7. Don’t limit your trip to just Dubai
Okay this completely contrasts everything mentioned earlier. But there is so much more to the UAE than just Dubai. Agreed, Dubai is a great place providing some of the greatest wonders to the human eye. There is so much more that the Middle East has to offer. The remaining Emirates like Ras-Al-Khaimah are filled with cultural diversity that shouldn’t be missed when take a trip there. All the Emirates incorporate the Arabian experience and while Dubai may do it in grand fashion, the other Emirates do it with cultural bliss and even cheaper. Image:

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