School Year Round Essay

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Having School Year-Round
A new topic that has been introduced is year round education. Year-round schooling has been around since the 1900s, it first appeared in urban population areas. Year-round school is a new system that stretches the 180 days into a full year. Going to school year-round you take shorter breaks between each term. Student’s attend schools 45 days straight and get 15 days off (3 weeks). Should schools be year-round? I think schools should be year-round because it gives teachers better job satisfactions, it increases students learning process, and it’s better for students health.
Year-round schools help teachers have better job satisfactions. Some teachers are unmotivated and exhausted. Some people believe that they are burned out by going to bed late because they are checking papers or making a lesson plan, then having to get up early to set everything up for the day. However, year-round schools …show more content…

Year-round schools do not get 3 months off unlike traditional calendar schools. Having a whole summer off is nice but when you go back to school you have to review everything from last year because you weren’t getting the education during your 3-month break. Year-round schools “Keeps children in the books and off the streets.” (magher sec. 3) Magher is saying that more students are learning and getting a better education, rather than playing with friends and forgetting what they learned from the past year over the summer. Also, when you get your brain thinking and going constantly, you are more likely to become advanced. As year-round schools become more talked about, more and more kids are attending year round schools. As the article The benefits and Disadvantages of All-year school states that “2,127 students now attend year-round schools”, and there is a “544% increase in year-round schools.” (Magher sec. 7) Although having a long break is relaxing, education is way more important now a

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