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Self-leadership assessment is an important exercise in understanding the basic qualities that each individual has that could make them good or bad leaders for any organization. The use of contemporary theories of leadership to assess the suitability of the individuals for a given task is very important in understanding the leadership abilities of everyone, using self-assessment tool called Seven Habits Profile. Through this, individuals are able to learn about their strengths and weakness, based on their score. For this assignment, I will conduct personal leadership assessment through the seven habits profile, as well as to underscore the strengths and weaknesses of the results (Dionneet al., 2004). This is followed by formulation of SMART …show more content…

After I circled the relevant score of each of the parameters required of me in the nine categories, I have scored the following in each of the categories.
Outstanding performance These were the key areas of my strength according to the scorecard of the exercise. They include a seventeen point performance score. The areas included think win-win, emotional bank account, synergy, and seek first to understand. These categories happened to be my strongest points of leadership according to the seven habits profile.
Very good This category meant average performance based on the traits I have as a leader. Thus I had averagely fifteen points in the categories as put first things as first, be proactive, life balance. These represent very good traits and abilities which sharpen me as a leader with objectivity and creativity.
These are relatively average traits and the scorecard indicated that I scored 14 points on: begin with and end in mind and sharpen the saw. However, these performances posted here can be a source of weakness or strength depending on how well I sharpen the recommendation in order to become an effective and efficient leader to any organization.
Reflection on the seven habits

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