Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Class Essay

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You’re sitting in class listening to the teacher like you do every day. Everything has been going fine, until your phone goes off. You know that when someone’s phone goes off, they have to take the walk of shame up to the teacher and hand over the device. But how did your phone even make noise? You’re sure that you turned it off at lunch, but did you? Remember that picture you wanted to show your friend before the bell rang? You forgot to turn it back off afterward and now you’re facing the consequences.
From the very beginning, cell phones haven’t been allowed in class. Every time a student got caught with their phone, whether it went off or they were playing games, teachers would take the phone and not let the student have it until the end of class. But now, schools have been considering lifting the ban and allowing students to bring their cell phones to class. Right now cell phones aren’t permitted in class. We should allow them in class because they have many good educational uses, they open up opportunities for students to be more engaged, and they are a cheaper and more convenient alternative to laptops or chromebooks. …show more content…

When people think of having cell phones in class, they don’t really focus on the educational benefits. However, in a 2015 blog post titled “40 Uses For Smartphones in School” lists off many educational functions for cell phones such as using a dictionary, reading the news, or logging homework in their calendar. Of course, there is always the question of kids texting instead of doing their work. This is an understandable concern, but if we monitor what kids are doing every once in awhile or restrict the places they’re allowed to go, cell phones would benefit teachers and students greatly. These are such easy ways to use smartphones that are educational and helpful in

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