Silvertone Tyres Swot Analysis

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Strength 1) Suitable for the men and younger: Silverstone tyres are suitable for the men Youngers person. It’s because tyre is more suitable to the men and younger. It can attract consumers to buy their product because of the quality and cars is related with the Youngers or teenagers and men. It is the strength to the Silverstone because teenagers that have their own income and easily to buy the car tyre for their cars. 2) The best quality: Silverstone have their best quality with their tyres. Many consumer look the best quality tyres for their car. Consumers want the best company provide the best product. Silverstone provide the best product to fulfil their customers’ needs and wants. Silverstone produce quality tyres of the highest export standards, employing state-of-the-art-technology and quality control systems comparable to the best in the world. Silverstone proud to be the first tyre manufacturer in Malaysia to produce and export Z-rated low profile…show more content…
For the male it’s because male is the person mostly use the car on the road and more knowledge about cars and accessory cars. Male expectation is higher about the product that the wants and needs. With this target Market Company can get the higher profit and give the best quality for their consumers. For the younger of their target market, this younger person have their perception and have own brands that they wants. This younger have their own cars and own income because their range age about 18-24 years old. They have their own commitment and they wants to be glamour because used the high and good brands. With that company Silverstone will provide more tyres for their consumer especially man and teenagers. Teenagers not only men but women also choose Silverstone to buy their accessory cars. They can change their tyre easily because of the services that Silverstone give to
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