Sinhala Alphabet Introduction

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1.1 Introduction
The objective of this research is to study the first printed Sinhala type face and its inception. The origin of usage of Sinhalese typefaces directly influences the usage of typeface itself and was not properly documented.
Thus the inceptions of the Sinhala alphabet, evolution, compilation and the development up to the printed letters have been analyzed by this thesis.
Further the creation and the usage of the very first Sinhala letter, the capability of those letters grading as a typeface and the evolution of the Sinhala alphabet with the influence of the modern technology will be discussed here.

1.2 Research Problem
In this research I seek intend to explore the following research problem.
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It was the Egyptians who invented the very first alphabet in about 300 BC, which has been highly influenced for the origin of the English alphabet.
In a comparison with the other nations it is envisaged that the history of the alphabet of Sri Lanka goes for years. It has been proved through a research conducted by the former commissioner of archeology Dr. Shiran Daraniyagala that there was a civilization comprised with literacy here in Sri Lanka. This fact was supported by the evidence in a piece of mud pot founded from an excavation in Anuradhapura Athugal Nuwara in which the word “ANURUDA” has been indicated in Aryan Prakrit language (Brahmi) letters somewhere in 500 BC.
Those were quit similar to the ancient Indian Brahmi letters. The insertion of different kinds of non-Brahmi letters and the influence of the Letters of the Pallawa regime, the existed state governance, religious background, documentary art, documentary medium and modes consecutively pronounced the modern Sinhala
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Thus it is envisaged that the Sinhala typography has a great history. Though there are lots of identifications as to the specific typeface so far nobody has attempted to recognize the typeface in twain.

1.4 Hypothesis
For the inception, existence and its development of first printed Sinhala typeface, the evolution of the Sinhala script, technical reasons and religious circumstances were affected.
The unique features which are there adhering to the first Sinhala printed letter supports for its identification and grading.

1.5 Research Questions
In order to explore the research problem, I will investigate the following research questions.
1. What are the prior circumstances which effects for the evolution of the Sinhala alphabet and the first Sinhala typeface?
2. How did the Sinhala letter initiate its

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