Situational Analysis In Nursing Home

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A situation analysis is implemented with the purpose of clearly defining the organization actions. However, characteristics of quality health care in a nursing home is coordinate through available resources. A situation analysis that is created for a nursing home points out inconsistencies such as marginal competence, diminished quality of care, weak communication skills, responsiveness, patient experience, unreliability and performance variations. Hence, to tackle the barriers within an organization a unified system approach is essential. Often due to the complex nature of analyzing an organization necessity can lead to the precursor of utilizing an internal and external evaluation. In addition, the Health Service Organization …show more content…

However, an organization that will partake in restructuring to achieve higher efficiency involves many internal and external factors. As an organization starts to align its goals external and internal factors deem to be significant. External functionalities just as HSO’s include multi-levels of forecasting, strategic formulation, accurate determination, reporting, and control. An external analysis dismantles the layers when providing a reason. Also, External factors will measure current trends, address stakeholders, scan the organization to identify possible threats, and opportunities. All moving parts are deemed vital when creating an external and internal analysis. Moreover, analyzing and prioritizing will assist in the process of explaining operational plans, forecasting, removing barriers, and forming a new direction for the organization. A situational analysis refers to the internal and external environment within an organization. Besides, a situational analysis can be utilized to summarize all problems and opportunities that will affect the company. The internal and external effects within an organization involve the execution of strategic planning, defining the objective, budgeting, competitive entities, scanning/evaluation, monitoring, behavior, and culture. Furthermore, customer relationships and patient satisfaction are essential factors in HSO’s when establishing the benchmarks for implementing a situation analysis the include an internal and external plan. Patients/customers are vital within the external process. An external analysis process includes factors that influence the organization. Within the analysis, the criteria should involve all demographics, competitors, and providers. HSO’s are relevant to distinguish objectives, timing, and the circumstances that surround the

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