Sports Brand Loyalty Essay

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“The influence of Sport brand loyalty on young adult’s consumer purchasing behavior in Hong Kong”

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There are many factors that affecting a company’s success or failure, customers is the most powerful influence that guiding their business among those factors undoubtedly. Nowadays, a business brand becomes the most valuable elements. Refer to Joseph and Daniel (2012), brands influence consumer decisions to buy in any of ways, or with tremendous persuasive appeal to modify a buying power among customers. A trusted brand is successful because brands give consumers the means whereby they can make choices and judgments bases on their experiences.

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Brand loyalty is one of the related issues of customer purchasing behavior. FOONG YEE and YAHYAH (2008) stated that many companies, especially those in the sportswear industry was try to enhance brand loyalty among their customers. Nowadays, public can notice that there are several companies have a big marketing share, the major sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance etc. are popular throughout the world obviously. These brands were dominated the sportswear market and earned the favor of consumers.
In addition, well-established brand names can be continue to contribute investment and time in upholding brand identity, preserving brand loyalty and developing new sports product lines so as to occupy more market share (Mei-mei, et al. 2006). These big scale companies are well-known in the sportswear market, their marketing sales were significantly higher than others sport brands a lot. To cite an example with referencing MBASkool (2001-2014), the total amount of sales in Nike has $27.04 Billion and $19.24 Billion in Adidas but only $3.1 Billion in Asics in 2014. In concluded of all manufacturers of sport, Nike has an industry leading 38% market share of the branded sportswear market which ranked the first one in 2012. In view of this, these brands are highly competitive and easy to earn the customer loyalty to the …show more content…

In this study, it adopted seven factors to analyze the Hong Kong consumer behavior on sportswear market; Rahil (2014) identified these different factors into brand name, price, product quality, style, promotion, service quality and store environment. Apart of this, the concept of Consumer Style Inventory (CSI) also suitable for this research to examines the consumer decision-making style. The report focused the young adult customer age 18 to 35 in Hong Kong sportswear market, for distributed questionnaires to 100 respondents in Hong Kong through online survey by simple random

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