Engineering Career Plan Essay

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Abhilash Reddy Toom
In a significant career plan, considering my academic background, ability and career objectives, I have opted for a research oriented graduate program leading to Ph.D., in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in design. It is my firm belief that only specialization in one’s field of interest would unleash one’s creativity and talent to contribute something original to the development of Science and Technology.
Inspired by the marvels of Science, I developed a flair for Mathematics and Science very early in my school days. My attempt at National Science Talent Search Test placed me in the top 5% of a million students from all over India. Machines and robotics have always enthused me right from
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However, my focus was into two areas that appealed most to me viz., Designing and Thermal. I engaged myself deep into these subjects and spent long hours at the laboratory that helped me understand the nuances of Design and Thermal Engineering. I have credited a course titled “Computer Aided Design” to gain a strong foundation for my higher studies in Design Engineering. In this direction, I have successfully completed three lab-oriented projects. The experience of these projects gave me an insight into the problems encountered during design and assembling the components and on-line solutions. The SYNOPSES of the projects are attached to this SOP. To hone my application skills, I have learnt Auto CAD, CATIA, ANSYS and Solidworks. I can confidently state that I have gained on-line and real time experience in using these tools. I had learnt Mat lab, Java and C and used them in my course work. I feel a research oriented graduate study at a reputed institution would improvise my skills and widen the horizons of knowledge, which are quintessential for academic
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