Strengths And Weaknesses Of Language Teaching

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Nowadays, there are many various approaches and methods in language teaching and I have learned from their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, teaching and learning’s needs also request different methods in many different situations. From the Grammar-Translation Method and the Communicative Approach, I have achieved insights how to help my students to gain and use the target language. In this essay, I provide a brief overview of the method and approach, how I use them and assess their usefulness in my own classrooms.
The Grammar Translation Method and the Communicative Approach have both played important roles in grammar teaching. Basically, the Grammar-Translation Method represents the typical of language teaching. The focus was on native language,
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- The role of the teacher is that of facilitator and guide. Therefore, students are encouraged to construct meaning through genuine linguistic interaction with others.
To sum up, communication language teaching can help students to use the target language as much as possible. This approach places great emphasis on helping students create meaning rather than helping them develop perfectly grammatical structures.
As mentioned above, my personal language teaching methodology may be described as a mixed method. At University of Technology, non-major students cannot learn and practice English well, especially they are not confident in English communication. Therefore, in my class, I always focus on speaking skills (combination of listening, reading, grammar and speaking), ask students to make up sentences using new vocabulary and structure in order to encourage students to "learn by doing" and "personalize" new language. For instance, I use a lot of fluency-based (role play, interviews, information gap, games, pair work, etc.) to help develop students’ confidence in English
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I believe that the final goal of learning English is to communicate fluently and accurately. To develop and improve students’ communicative ability in English, I also realize a balance in the four skills (including listening, speaking, reading, and writing) is important, together with developing sub-skills (for example: pronunciation, skim-reading). However, depend on students’ needs, I may help the students achieve their own goals, at least help them to be confident in English communication and to pass tests at

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