Dealing With Stress

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University is a new start for many year one students because they will face numerous challenges in their college life. However, the stress of university life can be difficult to surmount, such as can not habituate themselves to a new environment or meet many deadlines and exams. Moreover, some freshmen can not balance their time and manage their money well. In the past time, a great number of people who suffer stress had a 43 percent rising risk of dying(McGonigal,2013). Hence, students must deal with stress properly. This essay will discuss several common problems may year one students have and give some effective solutions to help them adapt to the campus life.
One of the main obstacles to year one students is how to adjust themselves to a new environment. When people move into a different environment or condition, everything is not familiar as past, they will feel afraid and confused, then a stress appears. The fear of the unknown can cause serious stresses(Mcaleer,2015). For many year one students, going to the college is the first time they leave home by themselves, some of them are unable to dispose their affairs well or
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Being away from home means students must take care of the financial burden on their own(Mcaleer,2015), but someone may lead their life in chaos by not managing their finances well. Firstly, they should set the amount of their purchase and set a list about money income and expense, then collect every receipts to help them record an account book. Consequently, students can posses a better plan for their money. Taking control of reactions is another vital step to manage the stress(Bradberry,2014). When students have problems about their financial issues, staying calm will help them to overcome these problems. If still feel overwhelmed by how to manage it well, ask some friends for some suggestions is also an effective
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