Sudanese Culture Essay

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Sudan, is the third largest country of Africa. It’s an Arab country in the Nlie Valley of North Africa.
Sudan’s borders are leaning with Egypt’s borders. Sudan’s capital city is Khartoum. Khartoum is the heart of politics, economics of Sudan. The Nile River splits Sudan to Eastern and Western halves. The main religion is Islam in Sudan. Near East got Christianized in the 6th century and Islamized in 7th century. Sudan is a member of the UN which opening is United Nations, the African Union, the Arab league, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and for the last one they are members of Non-
Aligned Movement.
Sudanese culture devided into reactings, practises and beliefes of about over 500 ethnic groups, and also has over 100 …show more content…

After the colonizing they got reacted by the European’s music culture. In their national anthem was inspired from Scottish and Great Britian.
Sports is not really popular thing in Sudan like other European countries in the world. The most favourite sports are athletics and soccer. Sudanese soccer has a really long history. Sudan National
Team was one of the team starred in African Football cup. The other teams were Egypt, Ethiopia and
South Africa.
The most personal Sudanese clothing is a tradational garb widely worn in Sudan is the jalabiya, which is a long sleeved The most personal Sudanese clothing is a tradational garb widely worn in Sudan is the jalabiya, which is a long sleeved, collarless ankle length garment. Jalabiya is long scraf worn by the Sudanese womaen and the scarf is commonly white and stripped made of fabric. It’s tickness depends on the season or personal it may be thick or thin.
At first in 1820 Mohammed Ali invaded Sudan with a huge army. This event was the first step of
Sudan getting colonized. Children and woman were sold by private traders as slaves. Egyptians imposed lots of taxes on the free people in Sudan for fund their colonization. After this the …show more content…

Also South Sudan is the home of
Christianity and African Religion. The climate is dry season and wet season.

Darfur :
Darfur is sharing the same things as South Sudan. In Darfur all the people talks Arabic. In this area there are tons of wild predator animals living.
East Sudan :
East Sudan’s most important tribe is Bejja Tribe. They established near the Red Sea. This places climate is half desert. Tourists prefer East Sudan more than the other parts.
North Sudan :
Nort Sudan is generally established around Nile River. In this part of Sudan lots of pyramids, archaeological remains of Kush. Farmers in North Sudan plants vegetables, fruits and ground nuts.
I think Sudan’s future is going to be brighter if the managment changes but It got to be patient because It’s a huge country and It won’t be easy to make it better. The economy, technology will be better there and they will stop paying to other countries for help to take out their materials.
I think it will be better to tie eceonomic connections with China because Chinese economy is the biggest one in the world and Sudan got damaged by Western economic connections.
The ties and connections won’t hurt

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