Summary Of John Leo When Life Imitates Video

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“When life imitates video” by John Leo, I chosen this article due to the fact it explain how video games have a negative impact that cause violence. Especially how video games has an impact on children. The author persuade the readers to accept his ideas of how video games has a negative impact towards children. He gives a few examples of teenage violence caused by video games. Leo makes a comparison between teen violence and video games. He points to the Littleton massacre, a true bloodbath caused by two teenage students whom randomly shot and killed fellow classmates and a teacher, closing the stage by taking their lives shooting themselves in the head. Another example he pertain in the article was he introducing David Grossman a retired army officer who makes a disturbing …show more content…

In conclusion Leo’s argument has great examples of comparison and a great appeal to the reader’s emotions. Without a doubt, the Littleton massacre has viciously scared American society; however it was not violent video games that led to their crimes, but rather a combination of neglect, isolation, and environment. Awareness relating teenagers’ surroundings, ideology, and family or youth deviance, among all, may explain these crimes. Throughout the essay Leo utilizes various strategies to increase the emotional impact on a reader. His concern for society’s children overlaps his more vital concern that is the extent of violence exposed in video games. Also he bring about a moral aspect towards the situation. A panic towards violent video games, his belief that video games are essentially harmful to children’s behavior, therefore, we are all in jeopardy of becoming victims. Clearly, parents do have a sole responsibility to their children’s safety. It is their duty to make the proper decisions about what is appropriate for their children to view. It is essential for that the children and the nation’s future. So please let us make a difference and avoid children in playing violent video

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