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The Fates Boutique is a fast fashion store that has accessories that are trending now. Our store goes by what is on trend and what we see on the runway. Our objective is to create unique pieces of accessories that can 't be found at any retail store. Our strength is that we are located in the New York City and we are constantly creating new items to put on our shelves, with our creating new items even though it might be on trend many won 't be interested which our weakness we have to make sure that what put out in store is what people want. The opportunities could also make way for threats like when creating a new item it has to be positioned in a way that the customer wants to buy it we have to ensure that the item is consistent with its overall strategy and objectives. With our store being…show more content…
Our business must be able to stand out in the big city. The advertisement has attract customers to our store and not only that but some of our employees stand outside explaining what the store is and what we offer. Our target market is females around the age of 16-25 which is about 45% of NYC 's population. The store is very reachable in the sense that it is in the heart of the city and it is easy access just like every other store. As stated before our target market is females around the ages of 16-25. The reason for this is because older audiences might not be into what 's on trend they will stick to what they have or continue to buy the same pieces. The younger audience might be into what we have but are not ready for that almost grown up stage as yet. We have to position our image as a very unique, young adult and trendy store. In Greek mythology the fates can tell the future and destiny of man well our store The Fates Boutique does the same thing but with our accessories we create unique pieces that are on trend and in season. We are a fast fashion company that are constantly changing to fit the trends, seasons and the wants and needs of our

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