Summer Homework: The Benefits Of Summer Break

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School is finally over. 8 ½ months of hard and stressful work has finally come to an end… for 2 ½ months. Ahh, time to relax, unwind and have some summer fun…. Until it all comes to a screeching halt! You clear out your backpack and come across a binder labeled “Summer Reading List” and another one labeled “Summer Math Packet”. Suddenly, you realize this is not a beginning of a summer break, but rather a beginning of an extended fifth marking period. Your summer plans and dreams come crashing down… Summer is the only time of the year when kids get to be kids, when students finally unwind, and when children can enjoy the rest of their childhoods before becoming adults. Not to mention, summer break can teach students life lessons that they could never learn in school. Overall, this break is just wonderful for children attending school. Since summer break is so beneficial for an already stressed out student, you would think that schools would support and encourage it right? Well for some reason, some think that taking away the “break” part from “summer break” and replacing it with extended school work is a good idea. Summer homework is a counterintuitive, useless practice that should be banned in all schools. Summer homework causes too much stress for students, squanders the learning opportunities and life lessons that summer break has to offer, and greatly reduces all the benefits of a free summer such as enhanced cognitive skills, well-being, and more.

First off, summer

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