Emirates Business Model

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The purpose of this report is to identify two companies/brand in three industries whose business model helps to create value and satisfy consumers. The two companies in three industries that are considered for doing this report are as follows
• Food and Beverage:
− McDonalds
Burger King

• Airline Industry:
− Emirates
− British Airways

• Automobile:
− Toyota

Food and Beverage Industry:
McDonald 's is the worldwide popular fast food retailer serving around 69 million clients in more than 100 nations with more than 36,000 location every day. More than 80% of McDonald’s worldwide are owned and managed by independent local entities. McDonald 's system that is collectively, their franchisers and suppliers have
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It commenced when Gulf Air started to reduce its services, so a new undertaking had to be initiated. Presently, It has 142 fleets and over more than 102 countries worldwide as its destination. The association is expanding rapidly within the industry and this has made the competitors to worry about the consequences they have to face of its success. Although the airline has been charged with the accusation of been receiving fuel subsidies from the Dubai government. The accusation that is been made didn’t affect the airline since it has got a strong marketing strategy which has made the brand known worldwide. The airline has made sponsorship as its vital marketing strategy therefore, they not only sponsor sports clubs and events in UAE but they do it worldwide. The airline provides various services such as entertainment service, in-flight mobile service, food of different cuisine etc. to its customer so they can have a pleasant flight and at same time making sure they opt for emirates each time they fly. Emirates Airline business model identifies that liberal air access not only bring about economic benefits but best serves the national…show more content…
This strategy allows them to design or develop cars that are lighter, more fuel-efficient and packed with new technology. They have accomplished higher quality at lower expenses by making standardized, multipurpose components. Additionally the reduction in expense has uplifted the worth and strengthens the competitiveness of their product. To achieve this, Toyota not only required the support from its employees but it also required escalated coordination with its supplier. This strategy is unique when it comes to automobile industries its main focus is not to compete with other car makers but to conquer customers with awesome products and services to get maximum customer satisfaction. The business model for Toyota is also based on increasing the sales of the organization and it ensures that any unforeseen situation do not harm the business structure of the
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