Sylvester Mann Accomplishments

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Sylvester Mann, who is he? What are biggest accomplishments to date, what he is working toward currently and what he hopes to accomplish? Of course, there is still much to learn about Sylvester, though here is a good start.
Sylvester Mann was born on April 18, 1997, in Tampa Florida. His Mother and Father, Ema and Terry, have six children, five boys, and one girl. Sylvester is the youngest. Sylvester and his family lived in the Sulphur Springs area for the first eight years of his life. He can remember the house as being a light cream color with four bedrooms and a huge den and a giant orange tree in the back yard. In 2012 his family moved to Spring Hill where he finished the eighth grade at Explorer Middle School. A favorite class of his …show more content…

He is in his first semester at Pasco- Hernando State College. Also, he has narrowed down his major to Emergency Medical Technician or Registered Nurse. Sylvester is drawn to the medical field because he wants to help people. He will also be the first in his family to pursue this career path. Seeing his cousin receive a scholarship to college is what influenced himself to work toward a degree. Sylvester has been staying focused on his goals, something he has learned from his idol, his oldest brother Terry. He is also working on a weakness he has, procrastination. With a good schedule, time management, and discipline he is sure he can overcome and improve his weakness. When he needs to decompress from all the hard work he is putting into his studies, Sylvester enjoys a variety of hobbies and interests. He likes to spend time with his friends lounging and watching his favorite movies, Major Payne and Zombieland, playing video games or a pick-up game of basketball. A few of his favorite things is the color red, pizza and Oreos, and football. The NFL season is starting up, and he will be rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
His goals for the future are to transfer to a four-year university, maybe The University of Florida, graduate college and start his career. Also, Sylvester would like to live in another country, which one? He does not know. Furthermore, when he has a house and stable

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