Synthesis Essay: What Is The Honor Code Effective?

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The honor code is thought to be effective, when taking tests, but is it making students even more nervous, than they already are. The honor code is mostly used by universities because of the size of some of the classes, which doesn’t allow the professor to keep their eyes on all their students. The honor code can be used against those who cheat those who witness the cheating and fail to report it. The honor system enforces students to not cheat and to keep an eye on their peers, so that it’s no unfair. The honor system as portrayed in source A is somewhat similar to a “spycam”. It can be a useful system, but shouldn’t be used against the other students. If someone is cheating, you shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. It shouldn’t be a concern for the other students, as they already are troubled with their own exam. Teachers should have the right to take away a test if they believe the student is cheating, bit it shouldn't have to be an obligation for the others. …show more content…

Another 40% of students violated the honor code and aren’t caught, which just proves that it’s not working. If students are failing to report any cheating incidents, it defeats the purpose of an “honor code”. The schools should take into consideration that students aren’t going to tell on their friends, well most of them won’t. The honor system should be kept only if students are willing to participate, otherwise it’s unnecessary. It allows students to keep things fair, so they won’t be cheated out as well. The system must be honored more than half of the student body, so that it can be used properly. The honor system should be different when it comes to those students who failed to report any incidents. They shouldn’t have to be penalized because others decided to take the easy way

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