The BMW Marketing Concept

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In 1913, a company named Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) was established in Germany who used to build military aircrafts and aircraft engines. With the passage of time, the BMW group also began to produce automobiles, motorcycles, etc. The company has achieved a strong market presence in over hundred countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Korea, etc. At present, the company has positioned itself in the premium segments with three world’s famous brands i.e. BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce. (kasi)
BMW Group Asia, based in Singapore, is the regional hub overseeing the East Asia region comprising 14 markets including: Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,
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With its direct advertising, those promotions had given customers clear information on the product details such as designs, models, features, specifications and functions of the car that BMW are promoting. The special or discounted prices reflected on the advertisements had somehow informed customers on the savings that they could benefit from purchasing those cars during the promotional period. At the same time, BMW had managed to influence the customer’s purchasing decision and had indirectly given them the assurance that their decision to purchase BMW car was a right one.
When it comes to promotional activity, BMW is seen to have its own choice of affecting factors. BMW target market consists of worldwide location of clustered customers. Due to its strong brand reputation and the safety technology found in every BMW car, the promotion does not require a mass promotional activity. The products are known by many that they are high class and
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Thus, BMW need to adjust to those factors and importantly, observe how the environment changes so that the company could adapt its strategies appropriately. BMW has its specific and preferred demographics such as age and income grouping. The culture for BMW customers are developed when their group of people start behaving in certain ways, especially when driving on the road which would automatically followed-by certain attitudes. BMW’s spirit of innovation, demonstrates the company’s innovative leadership and futuristic mind

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