Aging Population Analysis

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Aging population: How to ensure a well-functioning society Nowadays, more and more countries have grown to an aging society. Worse still, this aging rate seems to accelerate. In 1900, only 5% of the British population was 65 and over, which increased to10.8% by 1950 and 15.8% by 2000, and is estimated to rise to 24.7% by 2050 (Torp, 2015). This problem is even much more severe in Japan, whose people aged 65 and over make up ¼ of its population (Torp, 2015). The whole society is unhealthy and is likely to remain stagnant when there are too many old people rather than young labors. The population of children under 15 and senior over 65 to the population between 15and 65, what is defined as dependency ratio, is high in transition period…show more content…
First of all, befittingly cut down the retirement pension as apparently the more considerate the benefits, the greater likelihood that citizens choose to retire. Secondly, raise the expenditure on caring for the elderly and constructing old-age applicable facilities such as public housing projects, senior universities, social clubs, parks and other recreational services (Niles-Yokum & Wagner, 2015; Lauton, Newcomer & Byerts, 1976). Greater investment in health care for the senior may appeal to a larger number of people devoting into social care industry, resulting in not only increasing resources for old-age people but also development of new industry and hence accommodating with more jobs. Take America as an example, the federal government spent $1.1 trillion on programs for the old, accounting for almost ¼ of total expenditure and Medicare for 12% of all spending (Popple & Leighninger, 2011). Since extra money and workers are used in caring for the senior, old people are bound to lead a more comfortable life. What needs pointing out is, to some degree, higher expenditure means higher…show more content…
It cannot be denied that the average life expectancy is still going up although with variable quality. Age brings increasing rate of being attacked by degenerative diseases like chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Modern science has revealed that individual aging is related to cell and organ aging. Therefore, healthy lifestyle containing healthful diet and sufficient exercise helps defer aging. Absorbing an adequate amount of vitamin and mineral especially vitamin D and calcium and selenium, drinking 1500-2000 ml water every day, doing aerobic exercise can strengthen the bodies and thus maintain a high quality life in declining years (Watson & Preedy, 2013). Less alcohol intake decreases gout risk (Stanner, Thompson & Buttriss, 2009). As civilians are strong, the government may spend less on medical care and pension and release more resources for other meaningful fields. Fewer people need to seek help from welfare houses or social workers. The situation of aging society could be changed from the definition. Apparently, delaying the aging of humans is the most ideal solution for it is socially friendly and sustainable. Encountering such a global problem, no civilian can just step by and rely only on the government or other people to ease the pressure of aging population. If everyone takes the responsibility to help those in need meanwhile build up their bodies to avoid becoming others’
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