My Idea Of Life Essay

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The thought of growth has lead many to seek answers to what they could find about the topic of life. When these answers were found and put in an understandable way, Those ideas were taught and spread from person to person. This is simply education at the core of discovering and teaching others about what is in the findings of answer. The issue with that is that those answer could have many different types of interpretations, which can lead to one meaning of an answer to be loss in the process. However, for those that are looking for those answers from studying what he or she wants, they can pick what topic to learn for a job that is earned. Obtaining the dream job that one seeks, can be a workload. In fact, education and college work is need to get degrees and then leads to finding the job a person can seek for. Working for the place where one can say in life can be difficult to many. The justification in how hard it is comes from several factors out while being in college. Students become burned in their education from…show more content…
Boredom can be quite a horrible factor when put into education, since it is the first chain of even to lead into falling behind in work. Falling behind in college can lead the grades being dropped to a low for one student. Being left in piles of work can be leave a student drained from having thoughts about even working on their school projects. What about the times those who do try to be caught up with class and homework would end up back at being overworked or even have nights where sleep seems more important. The lack of sleep can caused from falling behind in all the studies, but this can be even worse since health can get in the way doing class work. The term that ties being overworked to an extent where one may not even work on their classes is
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