The Importance Of Gun Safety Education

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Locked and unloaded; one teeny phrase has the potential to save hundreds of lives.
Gun safety education classes being mandatory for all gun owners and family members was not a topic discussed throughout my research. It is essential to address gun safety because it is a right of US citizens to carry a gun and they can become very dangerous and fatal if not handled or stored properly. This can be improved by promoting gun safety education classes and making them mandatory for gun owners, including their family members. Children need to know the difference if they see a real gun how to distinguish it as different from their toys. Children have toy guns at home, video games, and watch it on TV. Anyone with a change in mental status or with intent of hurting themselves or another person should not be able to get hold of a gun. Gun owners often leave firearms in reach of other family members without unloading them, increasing the risk of injury and fatality weather it is accidental or intentional. If gun owners receive education on the importance of locking firearms away and unloading them, they are less likely to end up in the hands of others. In case a situation where a family member does …show more content…

Making gun safety education classes mandatory for all gun owners and family members will lower gun related injuries and fatalities from

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