Personal Experience: A Personal Narrative

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Writing a personal narrative does not come easy. Over the course of several days and several pages of paper, the focus of my narrative became student centered and had little to nothing to do with myself personally, which in turn lead me to fighting with myself and trying to figure out how to write. As a writing teacher with a professional writing background, the struggle to write caught me off guard. My mind wandered to the moments where students sit staring off into the blank screen on their laptops. The moments of crumbled papers scattered around the classroom, a collection randomly thrown around as students ditch their ideas to move onto something new. The moments of painful outlines, rough draft after rough draft, and revisions upon revisions until a simple smirk takes over student faces as they discover they are proud to publish and share their work.
Initially, it is important to understand that even though I struggled to write a personal narrative, I am very good at reflecting. Daily I reflect on myself as a teacher and on chosen instructional strategies while assessing students to determine the next steps in the learning process – stop and clarify, re-teach
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I started volunteering in classrooms and helping with activities. My first job at the school was working as a substitute janitor from there I worked as an instructional aide and paraprofessional, which ultimately lead to my current position as 7-12 grade language arts and special education teacher. Today, I live a happy content life with my husband and five wonderful children. I feel privileged to be a part of the Northeast Range School community and be able to share that with my husband who also works with the school. We have always been a team traveling through life taking on whatever comes our way. Our goal in life has been to have a family and work with

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