Personal Narrative: My Goals Of Success

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“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can” –Nikos Kazantzakis. Back ground info. Success can me a lot to someone, to me success means doing something to accomplish your goals and dreams. My dreams and goals have been the same for many years. My goal is to be a good photographer traveling the world, changing people’s aspect of the world, and how big and magnificent it can be. The events that may lead up to my success could be challenging but I am sure I can accomplish any task to reach my goal. When I accomplish this goal of mine I know I will be successful. I will know I am successful because of my education, career, and family To begin with, I will know I be successful knowing the education I have accomplished. Firstly, I will know I …show more content…

To begin with, I will know I be successful knowing the education I have accomplished. I will have received my High school diploma to start off my college career. I will be determined to graduate WATC and get my associates in interior design. After my associate I will go get my college degree in photography at the Colorado Art Institute. For all those reasons, I will know I am successful when I get my college degrees. Secondly, I will be successful when I have the career I dreamed of. When I am taking photos in different oceans around the world, take photos for National Geographic Magazine, and taking photos of seniors I will know I accomplished my dream as a photographer. My second job will be to capture what they looked like when they were young and carefree. As you can see, I would be doing the job I loved and getting paid for it. Thirdly, I will be successful knowing I have a caring family. I would have a supported husband, a joyful child, and supportive parents. For all these reasons, I will know I have great success when I have a supporting family. “ I planned my success I knew it was going to happened” –Erykah

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