The Importance Of Teamwork In Organizations

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Task 4: Teamwork in the organisations
4.1: Groups and group behaviour
Some amount of traditional diversity and functional diversity is necessary for the group or team to perform. However, environment in which the group of or team of employees perform, must be considered whilst applying the motivation theories in practice. In addition to this, there must be an assumption that the group members have moderate difference in the level of the ability and skills according to the Kohler effect (Witte & Davis, 2013). In CAPCO, employees already have ability and skills to perform, which is checked at the time of recruitment and selection procedure. However, CAPCO offers skill enhancement for employees like ATP, classroom trainings and expert guidance too (case studay). In eFront, there is on the job employee training facility known as eFront University (eFront, 2016). According to (case study) CAPCO has diverse employees across the globe and so does the eFront (eFront, 2016). The effective and diverse teams are needed to be created by a manager with the help of open culture of trust by deciding roles in a team (Brooks, 2008). Belbin has developed the nine team roles model, include a chair who is the organiser and coordinator, shaper who is initiator and likes the challenges, plant who is innovator with creative thinking, monitor-evaluator who is a work reviewer, team worker promoting cohesiveness of the team, completer who checks deadlines and finishes work accordingly, implementer

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