The Importance Of Teamwork In Teamwork

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In this day and age, when science and technology is developing rapidly, the requirement of teamwork is needed more than ever. Simply because no one is perfect, teamwork will focus each person's strengths and complement to each other. Moreover, no one can afford everything. Westerners always separate clearly between works and friends, therefore their teamwork seem very relaxed and simple. However, the working atmosphere is quite tense sometimes, Westerners value personal so conflict with each other is unavoidable. For the Vietnamese youth, the word "teamwork" has been talked about a lot but it seems like it still only be "heard" but they have not made it in the true sense. They rarely succeed in teamwork projects.…show more content…
In some debates, they try to show that they care about what others think. In some debates, they often soften and suppress themselves, in some cases, it seems like they are bickering. Especially, arguing with bosses is seen as a sign of disrespect, sometimes was assessed to the field of ethics and work attitudes. As a Vietnamese idiom “A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit”, building a good relationship between members is more important than a project that is behind schedule. It is different from Westerners, who have a very high personal but willingly to join force to complete the work after a fully stretched argument. Secondly, Europeans and Americans are good at splitting between works and feelings, by contrast, Vietnamese like to please others by always proved to agree when others express an opinion while disagreeing or not understand anything. That will make the team misunderstood each other, divided the point to many or do whatever they want. Others sit idle, everybody was satisfied and the work is not finished. If the boss give an idea, it immediately becomes a golden rule, members

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