Video Games Benefits

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It is a widespread assumption to believe high astute thinking comes from solving a lot of logical questions, meditating and physical exercising, and reading and writing. Today, more and more attention is being paid to the potential benefits of video games in terms of their impact on mentality. Many of the contemporary video games are designed to simulate the real world and consist of multiple stages or steps that must be completed for the gamer to win. As the gamer progresses through a video game, he/she must apply a variety of skills, which are also mastered in the process of playing. Video games are one of the best methods to enhance skills such as quick thinking and decision making, hand-eye coordination, and logical reasoning. The first…show more content…
Specifically, video games traditionally involve many puzzles that encourage players to think of all possible combinations and provide a logical response for each. Stage after stage, in line with the increase in difficulty of the game level, being able to pass a level that a player is stuck on means achievement of a more efficient logical thinking skill. In addition, video games contain an imaginable world that leads to the exposure to new problems that could never occur in the real world. As a result, video games are way better than anything else in improving logical reasoning as well as imagination. Given the fact that video games simulate real life situations and bring players to imaginary worlds too, people who play video games are capable of quicker adjustment to different situations and better informed about additional scenarios. Yet, unlike real life, video games players have an opportunity to test their hypotheses and logical solutions many times, which enhances their abilities in predicting or anticipating the consequence of choices. Some video games, such as C&C Generals Zero Hour for example, trigger mainly creative planning and reasonable resource management. In such a game, players are building their own army to defeat opponents, usually other players, with certain types of possible weapons and a limited amount of money. Player should plan what to build, where to get the resources, when and how to attack, how to defend and how to launch a counter attack given the limited type of weapons and money they have at the very beginning of the game. Consequently, people who play similar games learn how to deal with limited resources to achieve their goals. It can be argued that video games players have a better chance to become successful managers, consultants and
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