The Negative Impacts Of Computer Games: The Benefits Of Video Games

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It is a widespread assumption to believe high astute thinking comes from solving a lot of logical questions, meditating and physical exercising, and reading and writing. Today, more and more attention is being paid to the potential benefits of video games in terms of their impact on mentality. Many of the contemporary video games are designed to simulate the real world and consist of multiple stages or steps that must be completed for the gamer to win. As the gamer progresses through a video game, he/she must apply a variety of skills, which are also mastered in the process of playing. Video games are one of the best methods to enhance skills such as quick thinking and decision making, hand-eye coordination, and logical reasoning. The first beneficial impact of playing video games is that it improves players’ quick thinking and decision making. Since many video games require players to make the correct decision in the right time, and these decisions are to be taken almost instantly, players become used to making fast analyses and assessments of the situations. In fact, some video games don’t require merely faster reactions to win; they require a precise anticipation to what happens. Taking into account that games consists of levels with increasing difficulty, players’ quick thinking start improving throughout the game stages. According to Daphne Bavelier (2010), a Professor in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester, “action game players make more

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