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It seems a universal hobby to write - for at least, a large number of 21st Century-ians. While writing has become a widely-revered pastime, it is far more evident now how certain pieces of writing, are, well, (to put it subtly), more refined than others.

Enough with the niceties. Here’s what I mean: most writers end up writing similar stories. And these similar stories form the majority as well as the average. We’ve compiled how you can begin crafting an average story. Here's a step-by-step guide to make your story, well, just another Tom, Dick and Harry of the literary world, and a permanent resident in the publisher’s “reject” pile.

Aren’t you excited?

1. Adapt, or repeat a story you’ve heard a million times, and know inside out.
Fad plots, are well, fad plots for a reason. By rewriting the same story, you’re effectively showing your readers the depths of your creativity (none), and that if they threw a coin into the metaphorical well of your innovation, they'd hear the echo immediately. I mean, who wouldn’t want to read something they know like the back of their hand? …show more content…

The all-popular Divergent and The Hunger Games have paved the way for the world’s infatuation with apocalyptic existence. Dystopia is hardly a novel topic; society has long had a fascination with alternate realities worse off than our own. Bleak? Destructive? Graphic deaths? You’re well on track with this

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