The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Cigarettes

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Many people look upon electronic cigarettes as if they were conventional cigarettes. They believe that e-cigs are just as dangerous, if not more, and will argue without having any legit information to back themselves up, other than their personal opinion. Due to the lack of research and knowledge of the new product, the electronic cigarette, no one knows the potential effects that come with appear down the road. The way e-cigs grab the attention of teenagers, the lack of knowledge involving the pros and cons of vaping, and the unknown outcomes of long-term use are all reasons as to why people would have negative emotions about the act. However, scientific research proves that those aren’t the only reasons one would suspect them as being a bad …show more content…

The electronic cigarette was originally designed to be a cessation device for smokers; a device that could finally give smokers an easy way out of their bad habits. Engineers and inventers began designing new and improved ways to make electronic cigarettes more efficient and easily accessible to general public because “Electronic cigarettes (ECIGs) have continued to gain popularity among the general public since their introduction in 2003” (Lopez 101). This increase in popularity has led electronic cigarette manufacturers to come up with head turning features that would only increase the popularity of the product even more. Electronic cigarettes are a simple device, and when broken down into the specific features of the product, it does indeed sound much safer than a conventional cigarette. “Electronic cigarettes (ECIGs) heat a liquid solution and produce a smoke-free aerosol for user inhalation. The liquid solutions often contain nicotine, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, flavorants, and other additives” (Eissenberg 104). All of these features combined into a compact e-cig, gives the user a similar sensation as smoking, just without the hazardous chemicals, toxins, and most of all, the

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