The Pros And Cons Of Free University And College Education

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Education is often considered as the key to economic development as a well as the key to success in any society. As a result, the government and other education stakeholders need to work hand in hand to ensure that the quality of the education administered in their jurisdictions and states meets the international standards and can help create a pool of educated citizens. In recent years, the issue of making public university and college education free has hit the media with all media houses, leaders as well as citizens from different states and regions presenting their cases for and against this idea. This issue first came into the limelight during Democratic nominations last year when both candidates expressed their intentions in making higher learning in our colleges and universities free for all students. Just like most countries in the world today, united states only offer free primary and high school education, but public university and college students receive living grants, tuition subsidies and public loans to finance their education. Despite seeming like an appealing idea, free tuition for higher education has its advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this assignment is to present cases for and cases against this idea as well as showing clearly why the government should offer free university and college education.
Dead and gone are the days when every American citizen could afford university and college education owing to the ever changing economic

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