The Pros And Cons Of Junk Food

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Junk food or as commonly known around the world as "Fast Food" has been a major change to the way people from all around the world consume food, it is known to be delicious and satisfying and at the same time it 's inexpensive and you are able to spot it everywhere, most restaurants offer a free delivery service to your doorsteps too, unfortunately, fast food can have an adverse effect on the health of people, including many diseases such as heart problems, soaring obesity and cancer, in order to make people quit the habit of addicting on fast food, governments are thinking of implementing or have already implemented taxes for fast food meals as a way to combat the increasing obesity in North America and other world countries and see how…show more content…
By applying taxes for fast food meals offered from their restaurants governments are in high hopes that the number of people eating from fast food restaurants is going to decrease rapidly and problems people facing when eating from those restaurants are going to come to an end, Grandi, Sonia M states that "It is considered that the implications of implementing 2 types of junk food tax a nutrient tax and a food and beverage category tax) and provide an overview of arguments in favor of and against their institution", they think that obesity and fat levels are going to drop down majorly and the health of people is going to improve and people are going to cut on eating those poisonous and life threatening foods where people are able to save wasting their money on body damaging meals that are consisted of many sugars and fatty acids, when a customer buys a meal, he is not restricted by choosing from the menu, although each meal 's taxes are rated by the amount of calories and sugars every meal in the order menu contains, it is made so that every customer trying to order a meal ends up ordering a meal with a much less calorie and sugar count than the other fatty meals which helps the customer on saving more money and avoiding meals with a very high amount of fats and calorie count, unfortunately, most poor people use their monthly incomes mostly on foods, government 's food taxes can be a set of bad news to them, poor people rely on street and fast foods due to the cheap prices and the satisfying tastes they offer, with the effect of adding taxes, it is going to become a harder situation for the poor economy to keep up with their monthly incomes to the end of the month and it will make them change their food choices and consider making their own meals from

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