Persuasive Essay On French School System

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Do you remember your first day of college? The day when you asked to yourself how you will succeed in getting your diploma? Maybe the next days were terrible and it was normal: because it was your time that you lived alone, you did not how to cook, how to do your own laundry, you called your mom every two hours… You were not responsible. Imagine if your school had taught you how to do it? It could save some time to study more, and you could be more successful at your first semester in college. Because the french school system makes students more prepared, educated and responsible for their future life East Jordan schools must follow it.

In the first place, East Jordan schools must follow the french school system because it prepares students
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The first factor is the guardian system : every freshman can ask to have a guardian which one will be a senior. So the senior must take care of him, he can help him to do his homework and he is responsible of him.
If the students are more prepared to help each other by finding a solution for one of their friend, it is will be easier for them to deal with theirs problems alone. The second factor is: in some school, seniors replace the teacher for one class : once a week a group of senior must teach to the 6th or the 7th grade. The first time, the teacher will assist them but then they have to do this alone, the teacher has to stay in the class but he must not intervene. It is a big challenge for every senior to be respected by the children, and they have a real responsibility, each student has to work with his group to prepare the lessons and the activity. Moreover students learn how to speak well in public and how to be a good leader. By the guardian system and the teacher remplacement by the seniors, french school helps every student to be very responsible at the end of the high school which it can help to resolve problems
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