Persuasive Essay About Tryouts

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Imagine your best friends making the school soccer team and you getting cut, because your “not ready” or there is “no room”. Trust me been there done that, the most regretted thing about school sports for many are tryouts. Tryouts are the worst thing about sports, they bring nothing but more stress to your plate. It is understandable that everyone can not make the team but it is a terrible thing to cut children by telling them they did not have enough room on the team or are not ready to be on it. Students should not have to tryout for school sports. Some tryouts are not far by any means, in which the coaches pick from not the skill but by the way they know the student. Also it brings down students self esteem. Research shows that 70% of kids drop out of sports for many reasons and not making the team is one. When a…show more content…
It is as if some kids are scared that their skill won’t matter.For example in the article Minds made up before tryouts it says “Regardless of when tryouts are, it seems like coaches already have their minds made up by the summer, if they have summer camps or if they coach a travel team” (smith para 2). As you may know sports teams may have a summer program that kids can get involved, in which the coaches may pick kids to make the team not by their skill but by their personality. Also in Sports tryouts should be fair for all students it says “There were plenty of boys trying out for the team and several that were cut so these ineligible and injured boys could have their spots. How is any of this fair? This is why kids get discouraged and stop playing or trying to play sports” (John's para 4). I don’t find it fair by any means that an injured kid that the coach was told was extremely skilled made the team without having to try out. How is it fair to the kid that got cut because they had to leave a spot for the injured student? It is not fair by any which
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