Theoretical Framework Evaluation And Application Paper

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Theoretical Framework Evaluation and Application

Kelli A Rosson
College of Health Professions, Anderson University

Theoretical Framework Evaluation and Application
The Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) project’s aim is to determine if education of staff on fear reduction in pediatric patients increases self-efficacy in providing fear reduction techniques for this population. The desired outcome is improved healthcare experience for pediatric patients. The phenomenon of comfort as it relates to procedures in pediatric care directly relates to this study. The concept of self-efficacy in staff as it relates to education is the basis of this study. The purpose of this paper is to introduce Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory and …show more content…

The four domains where comfort can be experienced include psychospiritual, environmental, physical, and sociocultural. A grid interlocking the forms of comfort and listed domains creates a grid that nurses use as a tool to coordinate care around comfort. Outcomes are thought of as a continuum where total comfort opposes suffering. The early stages of theory development consisted of logical reasoning application due to the need to fill care gaps. Over time, the subjective nature of measuring comfort from the caregiver’s perspective was defined as the satisfaction of comfort needs at a given time. Pain and anxiety control were also added as outcome measures as comfort became more of an umbrella term for holistic health (Petiprin, …show more content…

The theory was developed out of the need to increase comfort in patient care (Petiprin, 2019). It provides a taxonomical grid that is easy to understand and apply to nursing care plans and procedures such as immunizations. The conceptual frameworks components can be directly related to the project components.

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