Comfort Theory In Nursing

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Comfort Theory in Nursing
Nursing is a very complex field where things are always changing and evolving. Even though things change very often, there are some things that always stay the same. One of these things is providing the best care for patients and helping them heal and recover as quickly as possible. One things that aids nurses in this is the comfort theory. The comfort theory was formed by looking at the comfort of patients and how it related to their healing process. This theory has been used in many different aspects of nursing and has been found to be very successful.
The creator of the comfort theory, Katharine Kolcaba, began her nursing career in 1965 after graduating from St. Luke’s Hospital of nursing in Cleveland, Ohio. She then furthered her education and revived her master’s degree and began teaching in 197 at The University of Akron College of nursing. Kolcaba began the development of the comfort theory in the early 1990’s. In 1991 she published the article A Taxonomic Structure for the Concept Comfort in the Journal of Nursing Scholarships. This article categorized the types of comfort and the areal in which they occur. In the same year, she also wort An Analysis of the Concept of Comfort. The theory was formed from the concepts found in nursing history and how the idea of comfort was utilized by Florence Nightingale along with many others. Kolcaba continued to research and develop the theory. In 2001 she published the Evolution of the Mid-Range Theory
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