Tourism Economic Benefits

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Economic benefit support sport tourism develop According to Ross (2001), economy force can drive sport tourism develop, when people have high disposable income and leisure time, it will motivate them to engage into sport tourism activities (p.4). Therefore a strong economy would be a big support on developing sport tourism such as developed countries. Developed countries are those who had achieved high develop developed economy and advanced technological infrastructure, where it have high average income per capital of the population. For example: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and etc. Based on Gratton, Shibli & Coleman (2005), in United States, government expenditure on sport expanded considerably and most of the expenditure was made by the local government on build indoor sport center and swimming pool. All this spending is an investment on the sport tourism industry where the main focus is to attract tourist, encourage investor inward investment and change the image of the city not to getting local community involved in sport. For example, to host the World Student Games of 1991, Sheffield had invested £147 million in sporting facilities and also the Olympic bids of Birmingham and Manchester in the 1980s and 1990s (p.985). Economic impact generate through sport tourism event…show more content…
It has become a vast international business attracting media coverage, investment, political interest, traveling participants and spectators. The economies of countries around the world are increasingly reliant on the visiting golfer and skier or the traveling football, rugby or cricket supporter. For certain countries, sport become one of the main resource incomes of all tourism receipts. Thus, Sports Tourism has started to earn its reputation to be a multi-million dollar business’
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