Traditional Digital Advertising: A Case Study

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Understand consumers before, you start advertising

The advertising industry is currently facing a major problem; consumers have developed immunity against advertisements, especially towards traditional digital advertising.
Traditional digital advertising refers to the usage of banners and pop-ups, which often contains videos or sound/music.
"Traditional digital advertising has become wallpaper. It doesn't improve anyone's experience on a site and readers, myself included, pretty much look past it,” said Jason Hill the global head of General Electric.
Consumers even went as far as to block advertisements entirely.
According to a 2014 study done by PageFair, the number of people with ad block increased by 69% over 12 months to
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Millennials will not transform into gen x, when they turn 35 and their brand preferences and media habits will remain.
The main goal for a marketer will be cultural relevance. Only the successful will be able to shape marketing to be as precious as the product or service they are selling. They will also find a brand story worth supporting, and will mold the chapters to this story, that evolves with time. They will also embrace brand who evolve.
Through innovation, banner advertising, will work. Media will also value add to a website, providing consumers with what they want and produce substantiated results instead of disrupting user experience.
Creativity will soon move away from agencies and towards publishers and platforms. An increase of creatives will leave standalone agencies for the creative departments of media and tech companies. These companies will become go-to shops for best performing brand
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“Every minute is prime time because customers are always looking at their phones and texting with their friends, even when they are watching TV.”
Marketers have the tools, from call reports and e-mails to embedded devices like wearables and beacons. But can they absorb everything, taking out the important bits and transforming it into knowledge they can act upon and correlating the sale into a separate interaction? That is the ideal.
The survey shows that marketers are fighting to catch up while expectations and competence overtakes them. This is a nice problem to have, as competence increases, marketers benefits.
Morden marketing is like a voyage, from the first sighting of land, to observing the contours of the continents, to drawing map of the land within those continents. All explorers would have to build upon the knowledge of the people before them to complete the map.
“Sir Isaac Newton attributed his success to standing upon the shoulders of giants.”
There are lots of giants for marketers to climb onto and if they were to miss their chance, they can only blame themselves for it. (1450

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