Training Development Process

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The rapid changes in the business environment require the organization to be more dynamic in order to survive in the competitiveness environment. The success of any organization is determined by the quality of their human asset in order to gain the competitive advantages. However, it is difficult to maintain the quality of the human asset due to the certain barriers. Training and development process is one of the key elements for the organization sustain or survive in the competitive environment. Aswathappa, (2000) states that
The term ‘training’ indicates the process involved in improving the aptitudes, skills and abilities of the employees to perform specific jobs. Training helps in updating old talents and developing new ones. Successful
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According to Leigh et al. (2000), the first steps in the intervention that relates to training and development process are assessing and analyzing. In this process, human resource managers identify specific problem areas that occur in the organization first by training need assessment. After gathering all the data, they conduct the analysis which are include organizational, task and person analysis in order to determine the needs of training. Firstly, organization analysis is focused on the holistic perspectives of organization. The organization need to analyze data that indicate the areas of training to improve performance. After a thorough analysis, training objectives is determined and the appropriate training are developed. This analysis is to ensure the organization’s strategic mission, goals and corporate plans are studied aligned with the result of strategic human resource planning. Secondly, task analysis is focused on the task required to achieve the organization’s goal. Organization examine the job descriptions and specifications to provide necessary information on expected performance and the skills employees to accomplish their work. This is to indicate a need for task training from the gaps between performance and job requirements. Lastly in person analysis, the organization used the information or data from an employee’s performance review by…show more content…
Before conduct the training and development programs, decide and plan for the location of training, the room layout, audience needs and other details that must all be arranged in advance. The most particular importance is the room selected for training. It is large enough to be comfortable for trainees and be arranged in a manner that facilitates the type of training to be conducted (Gusdorf, 2010). Then, use two basic approaches to implement a training and development program that is centered to the trainer and centered to trainee. In these steps, people learn from conducive to learning through experience sharing, participation and individual learning. Follow-up participations and evaluate the training outcome is important aspects to include in this step (Embray, 2012). Next, conduct activities. This activity is not only conducted in person or face to face but also through telephone or email. Lastly is, record keeping after implementing training and development programs. It is important to maintain training records, including how well employees perform during training and later on the job. This information helps measure program effectiveness and charts the employees’ progress in the company (Mondy & Mondy,

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