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Materials and Methods To start with, the unknown bacteria # 710 broth had to be successfully isolated on an EMB and MAC agar plate. Using aseptic technique by sterilizing the wire loop with Bunsen Burner between inoculations and flaming the opening of the test tubes before inserting in the loop with the bacteria. The streaking technique used was to isolate the colonies on the agar plates. In addition, the streak plates had to be incubated in a upturned position for 24 hours in a hot temperature incubator at 37 degree Celsius. Bacteria need a favorable condition to grow in. After incubation, a gram stain was performed one the colonies that were isolated. First, the organism was smeared onto a slide with a loop full of distilled water. The smear was heat fixed to provide the bacteria to stick to surface. Next, the staining started by using crystal violet for 60 seconds, rinsed with distilled water. Then iodine for 60 seconds, rinsed with …show more content…

The SIM tube was first inspected for black precipitate indicating sulfur reduction and cloudiness around stab line for motility. Kovacs reagent was added in the tube a red color change in the alcohol layer. Red which also indicated is was positive for indole production. Methyl Red is used to determine if an organism is capable of performing a mixed acid fermentation. Methyl Red were added to MR test tube. As the solution becomes acidic it will turn red immediately. A negative result will have no color change. The VP test if the color change was red it indicated a positive results. Citrate test is used to identify if an organism is capable of utilizing citrate as a sole carbon source. Citrate medium contains sodium citrate as the only carbon source. if the bacteria can utilize the citrate it will also convert to the ammonium phosphate to ammonia hydroxide. The test will conclude and the agar will turn blue it means citrate was

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