Mass Shooting In Schools

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It was 8:06 am on October 1, 1997 at Pearl High School in Pearl, Mississippi. Students were standing around talking to their friends, planning the day’s events when a Luke Woodham, wearing a long trench coat to hide his weapon. Shots rang out in the common area of the high school where he wounded 7 and killed 2 teenagers. This marked the first of many tragic school shooting in America. The reasons for mass shooting is very important. To treat the cause of such violence is absolutely where the focus on how to stop such violence should begin, but protecting American children in the meantime should be the number one priority. No matter what precautions have been taken since 1997, nothing has worked to eliminate or slow the number of school shootings since Pearl High School. Schools Districts should allow trained teachers to carry guns, hire resource officers, purchase bullet proof safety room kits, and purchase door stops to protect the future generation of our country. Lucy Hansen, a special education teacher, states, “I want to protect my students,” Hansen said. “I’m going to stand in front of a bullet for any student that is in my protection and so I want another option to defend us” (“'F' Is for Firearm: More Teachers Authorized to Carry Weapons in Classroom”). Ms. Hansen states the …show more content…

There are many businesses and institutions that have armed guards in their building to protect employees from danger. Why not protect innocent children the same way? These officers have had many hours of gun training and would be an added protection for schools. President Trump explained, “that professional armed guards such as retired Marines could prevent attacks at schools” (“Trump: Teachers Carrying Concealed Guns Could Prevent Future Attacks”). However, a resource officer alone cannot protect an entire school of

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