What Is The Difference Between Electronic Commerce And E-Commerce

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We are living in the rapidly developing world of new technologies where every day new efficient solutions incorporated. Few years ago it could seem fantastic that amount of internet based transactions would reach such a high level among customers all over the world. Moreover, the electronic commerce itself has become more than just a process of exchange, but a complicated online process, which include such actions as marketing, servicing, and management of workflow and personal information of the customers. It is important to note that e-commerce systems are strongly dependent on resources of internet and other information technologies. The introduction of e-commerce has diminished the effect of geographical barriers. Finally, modern market environment forces companies to implement e-commercial activities in their course of actions in order to be competitive.
Brilliant innovation in field of trading is the m-commerce, which itself is an appendage of traditional electronic commerce, rapidly gains the approval of the customer audience. In addition, despite of common basis both types of commerce have several significant distinctions and we need to define these two terms in order to have a clear picture on how they differ.
Both e-commerce and m-commerce is a field of marketing where selling, distributing and servicing activities done on the Internet with a help of various devices.
E-commerce stands for electronic commerce, which means practice of transacting in a world wide

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